Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Uneventful update

Went running again today. Had to warm up on the "bad" treadmills and then actually do my "run" on the good ones. Tally? 3.5 miles, about 48 minutes. Did 3.0 in 40min, 15sec. Still no one will want to attach a chariot to me and let me take them out for a spin, but hey - I'm out there doing it!

The problem? It seems now, over 2 weeks into my "I'm going to get into shape no matter what" routine, my dear old friends, Shin Splints, are showing up. I have no idea why. I am wearing rather new shoes, no pavement running, no sprinting, working my endurance up slowly and letting my head rather than my ego dictate my day... and yet here I sit, legs lathered in medicinal balm, aching in a very familiar way.

Probably should have someone who knows that they are doing give me some advice.

Oh- and can anyone tell my why, after 3 weeks of working out more often and longer than I have in 9 months, is my body rebelling by GAINING weight? Seems monumentally unfair... its like my body is conspiring against me to quit this working-out thing.

Ha... At least for now, I can silence that beast!!

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