Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ha!! Tricked you!!

Its fun, sometimes, to trick folks. I can still trick the boys into thinking that if they don't behave I will sell them to the circus. My mother and I would mercilessly trick my dear, sweet, amazingly gullible grandmother. My best trick involved an April Fool's day, my mother and a scale...

Its a sad state of affairs, however, when you have to trick your own body into doing what you want it to. My trick? Wrap my knee gently with an Ace Bandage and it does not mind me running 3 miles!!

After I got home from the gym, I came to a conclusion. Well, its an excuse actually. I needed to go shopping for something "proper" to go running in! If I was going to think about continuing this endeavor over the summer, I would need to make some wardrobe adjustments.

My choices so far have been: Way too hot for this climate long workout (yoga I think) pants, a pair of too tight lycra somethings, or my one good pair of running/biking shorts that come just above the knee. My problem, and I KNOW some of you share in my cross to bear, is that my thighs... well... they need me to wear something that won't ride up. Shorts are out. So that leaves me with the aforementioned options. All, by the way, from Target. My favorite place on earth. Love the store - don't love the sometimes-right-on-sometimes-who-on-earth-marked-this sizing.

If I am going to look like a runner, I need to go where runners go, right? Parker and I went to Sport Chalet today - and I found some really good light weight just-below-the-knee running pants, got two shirts (one I just love - feels like I am wearing air) and a hat. A very cool, mesh and microfiber cool-hat. While I love advertisitng for Arbonne when I am at the gym, the hat makes my head sweat. Ick. I sweat enough all on my own, thank you very much.

Oh - and by the way - what is the statute on actually calling oneself a runner? Is it after you can run a mile without dying? When you break the 12-minute mile mark? I know that calling myself a runner might annoy those who actually ARE runners, but hey - dress the part if you want to become the part, right?

Today's stats: 3 miles, 38:55. Mile 1 --> 13:24 Mile 2--> 12.14 Mile 3--> 13.24 Up a pound today, but heck - it won't stick!

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