Friday, July 14, 2006

Running Update

After tweaking out my knee and thoroughly pissing myself off, I decided to take a break from trying to be a runner for a few days. Rode the bike like I was training for the Tour, and did the elliptical instead.

I admitted that I may, infact, be getting older, so I purchased a knee brace. Two, if you want to know the truth. One with an open patella, and a good sized Ace Bandage. Wore them around the house for additional support, especially when carrying a very heavy soon-to-be toddler up and down the stairs. It helped, the knee went from sharp pains to aching.

Then I went back to the gym yesterday and, fully guarded with my open-patella brace, hit the treadmill again. It was fine walking, but twinged a bit when I stepped up the pace. I decided I would jog an even mile and call it good. I did that, the knee felt ok, and I went to the elliptical to finish my workout.

Today - the knee feels fine. Better than fine - it feels normal!!! WTH??

So, I went back today, with the knee wrapped with the Ace Bandage, and was able to do 3 miles! And tonight - it feel normal too! BooYaa!!!

So... 2 miles in 26.20 and 3 miles in 40.17. Getting better!! I walked .5, ran 1.5, walked .25, ran .5 and walked the last .25.

I was beginning to doubt my ability to even think about running a 5K in October. Maybe now it can stay within my sights!!

Oh... and weight loss on the Arbonne Plan... as of today, an even 5 lbs!!


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Yay you!

What's the Arbonne Plan? ( I mean, I know it's Arbonne, but what does it entail?)