Sunday, September 16, 2007

Free Style

Anyone besides me watch this show on TV? If not, let me give you a quick synopsis: These designers come into someone's home and give it a complete makeover using only the things they already have in the home - nothing new is purchased.

I like this idea... mostly because its FREE! I'm into FREE... FREE is good!! I like FREE! I also like the idea that most of what the designers do is de-clutter. Its amazing how clutter can creep into our lives. After 6 years of living in one place, its hard to see the clutter for all the clutter!! (Sort of the forest for the trees idea).

So, I called in the expert: Mom.

Her first request was that we remove everything from the family room. Literally - everything. We found dust in areas we didn't know existed, several toys we had given up for dead, some remnants of God Only Knows What, but finally were left with a couch and a rug.

The transformation of the Family Room is complete!! Everything is in a different place, and it looks fantastic.

But, (you knew there was a BUT coming...) these projects have a way of breeding in your head, and before you know it, you have not only redone the family room, but your husband's office, a major part of the Master Bedroom, the storage room and have developed plans to attack the boys' bedroom next weekend.

I can no longer fit my car in the garage (it's been ages since Steve has been able to get his car in) as it is full of cast-offs at the moment. But, the interior of our house has been given a lift. And we, other than arms that want to drag on the ground for lack of any upper body strength to carry them upright, have an uplifted spirit to go with our new rooms!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

He is SO NOT my kid...

Its Sunday. The national or even world-wide day of rest. What do I find Matthew doing? His homework.

That is due Friday.


He wants to turn it in early. Like, tomorrow!

Yeah, he may look a lot like me, but the resemblance ends there!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sea of Sameness? Not when you look closely.

We all know the way time seems to whiz right by our heads, and if we are not completely attuned to the goings on of that time, its hard to recall anything specific that has happened.

This is how I am feeling as of late. I know things happen - I rarely sit down from sun up to sons-down, but when I was gently nudged and reminded that I needed to BLOG EVERY NOW AND THEN (Thanks for the poke, Greta!), I became stymied as to what to write about.

The boys are starting week #4 of school tomorrow. Parker seems to be struggling a bit with the concept of HOMEWORK, but is enjoying school and has been placed in the Advanced Math group. Not exactly sure what constitutes ADVANCED when one is 8, but he's pleased as punch, and I noticed Steve and I both stand a bit straighter when telling others of his turn of events!

Parker continues to love all things sports, and has decided to think about becoming a sportscaster when he grows up. Truly, I cannot think of a more fitting career!

We received a very nice call from Matthew's teacher on Friday. She, the first week of school, sent home a small inventory asking us to let her know all about our child. I took her at her word and sent back an epistle. Evidently, she appreciated my efforts, and called to say that the child I know is the same child she sees in her classroom. She sees him as a very bright, funny and "deep" young man. And, while I am sure that he makes for a challenge in a classroom, I am very pleased that she can see some of the same wonderful qualities that I see. It often times has kept me from strangling him when the "other side' of Matthew pokes forth!

Matthew's current passion, aside from tormenting Parker and his Webkinz, is SPACE and all things Universe-al. He has watched the series THE UNIVERSE from Discovery Channel countless times by now, and can recite by sheer comprehension rather than rote, some of the most amazing facts about planets, stars, galaxies and other celestial phenomenon. Wowza - this kid is bright!

Christopher. Oh, that boy. I know everyone thinks their child is adorable, and I know I did my fair share of gushing buckets over the older two, but there is something about this kid that I just cannot get enough of! He knows his numbers to 10, can recognize them all when he sees them, loves to sing with me when it is time for bed, and knows the majority of the alphabet in order. With my two older kids, staying home full time would have meant for me a very quick trip to the insane asylum. Not so with Chris - I am going back to CT for my high school reunion next month and am already uneasy about leaving him for that long.

Steve does continue to move through time more or less unchanged. The hair is getting more and more gray, he is working on the mid-life bulge, and he is having a very good year so far, sales wise.

I continue to fight as well with my waistline, and running seems to give me the upper hand. I am not taking nearly as many pictures as I'd like right now, but as soon as it cools off enough to actually HOLD my camera outside without burning my palms, I hope to change that. Life with 1 husband, 1 fish, 2 dogs, 2 birds and 3 boys keeps me moving all the time. I don't always stop long enough to look around and enjoy the view... but I do catch glimpses... and hopefully you have enjoyed sharing some of them with me.