Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No pain, no gain??

There's been a lot of pain in our house lately. Christopher's ears and gums (those 12 month molars are a bugger) accompany my knees and shins. We're a lovely sight, Chris screaming in my arms as I hobble around the house trying to comfort him and not fall over!

I did not work out yesterday. We went to the Chiropractor instead. Both of us - Chris and me... I know my neck is all out of whack, not to mention the rest of me (no snide comments from the peanut gallery are necessary at this juncture!!) and I have heard from several sources that their kids were cured of their ear infections by seeing a chiropractor. I'm skeptical, but this is his third round of rather hefty antibiotics in less than 6 months, so at his point I am willing to try anything.

Dr. Chiro worked on me - the adjustment in my neck felt amazing as I am sure there was a good year or so worth of tension built up there - and then took a look at Christopher. A few taps with the activator thingy and that was all...

Low and behold, Chris slept all night for the first time in 5 days. Is it the antibiotics or the adjustment? Dont know and don't care... he slept and was a happy camper today!

My other excuse for not working out were my shins. MAN OH MAN they hurt after Monday. I thought I was over the whole shin-splint thing but I guess I'm not. I went back today and tried the treadmill again. Call me brave, call me stupid, call me a bit of both. I was able to do 2 miles in just about 13 minutes per mile. 26:10 in fact. A month ago I would have been really thrilled with that time, but now - well, I want MORE! More from myself, from my body... but I guess I really do need to stop thinking I had the body I had in college where I could just pick something like running up because it sounded like a good idea and suffer no ill effects.

I finished out my workout on the elliptical machine to cover a total of about 3.5 miles today.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Poor little buddy...

Christopher has yet another ear infection. It will be his third dose of OmniCef since January. It comes just as his bottom molars are breaking through. The kiddo is miserable and cranky and can neither sleep nor eat well. Even amid an Advil induced haze, his temp at the docs this morning was 101.

We are running on very little sleep around here, as you can imagine. I was berating myself for NOT having gone to the gym this weekend. I took Saturday off as it was Parker's birthday party, and then just felt icky yesterday and used that as an excuse.

I was then expecting to have a 3-day weekend from the gym when my dear husband came home for lunch!! Luckily for me, I was dressed in my gym clothes, so off I went! He sat with the kids while I ran another 3 miles on the treadmill... No world's records broken, but three miles in 37:14.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Testosterone and Television results in blindness, news at 11:00

I know that I am the only female surrounded by a sea of testosterone, but yet I am still amazed at what the other members of my family are either capable of, or incapable of (*depending on the circumstances).

Last night, as is my evening ritual, I retired upstairs after dinner to make some Arbonne calls. The boys know this is Mom's time and unless there is significant amounts of blood, fire or broken bones, do not bug me until I come back downstairs. It has taken me a while to train them, and while we do have the occasional "Opps, I forgot", they do quite well.

Christopher is no exception to this rule. He's cute and cuddly and all that, but the folks on the other end of the phone do not always agree with my assessment. He was in good hands, being watched by the caring eyes of his father and two adoring big brothers.

Or so I thought.

I hang up after one call and I can hear Christopher crying. Its his "I'm stuck and it hurts to crawl out" cry. I go investigate. I find:

Chris crawling around the dog's room, crying, with a mouth full of dog kibble (ICK!)
The door to Steve's office closed
All 3 other men in my life holed up in said room
The TV on with two little boys doing Idol Worship infront of it
The Computer on with Steve looking like Johnnie Bench

and I ask...

Where's the baby??

No one responds to me the first time - so I ask again - where's the baby?? Do any of you realize he is NOT in this room??

None did... truly... they all thought he was in the room with them. No one noticed that he had crawled out of the room, that the door had been shut (like closing the bard door after the horse escapes) nor did anyone hear him crying...

So much for built in babysitters, huh?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

4 miles to Migraine City

First off - I am thrilled with myself on many levels! I went back to the gym today and hit the treadmill and did FOUR MILES!!! WooHoo!!!

More thrilling was this.. after my 1/4 mile warm up, I went straight to a 5.0 pace (where as before I was starting about 4.4 and maybe making it to 4.8) and it felt GREAT!! No sore anything - knee, shins, the works - and I hit a nice, smooth stride right away, and was able to even go for a while at 5.4!!! While running, I never dipped below 4.7 and that used to be my sprint!

My stats for today:
Mile 1 --> 12:52 which is almost 20 seconds faster than yesterday!
Mile 2 --> 11:27 meaning I BROKE A 12-MINUTE MILE!!!
Mile 3 --> 12:21 I was getting tired here and walked about 1/4 mile
Mile 4 --> 14:08 which included 1/2 mile walking.
My average pace for the whole run was 12:48

Breaking the 12-minute mile mark was huge for me. It was not long ago that I was happy to be running a 13-minute mile and now this??!! It is SO COOL to see my endurance getting better and better... Now to keep it up and NOT get hurt!

The down side?

It used to take a 3-mile run to give me a "you did too much dope!" migraine. Now, it takes 4 miles.... Ouch!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions

I had every intention to run 3 miles today. And, to actually RUN most of those 3, with a 1/4 mile warm up and a 1/4 mile cool down.

Alas, it was not to be.

And I am really buggered because I was off to such a good start! Miile 1 --> 13:09!! My best "warm up" time yet!! Mile 2 --> 12:05!!! I am SO close to breaking a full 12 minute mile!

It felt good. The new music I uploaded onto my MP3 player was perfect - kept me going, I was able to run at 5.3 for the entire length of "Anyway you want it" by Journey. Oh, and the song HOLIDAY by Green Day is perfect for running at about 5.0, incase anyone wants to know. I did my warm up walk, I hit my stride by the 3/4 mile mark and I was going to have my best run yet.

Then Mr. Stinky Bottom thwarted my plans. The child care gals called with desperate pleas to remove Mr. Stinky from the premesis - of course I had used our last diaper right before I left him to go for my run, so I had no other choice than to abandon my plans for the run of the season and tend to Mr. SB.

Oh well - my body just might thank me. I don't think I was doing the best job of listening to my head and was letting my ego rule the tread mill. Probably not a wise choice on my part!

But it felt so good at the time....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ha!! Tricked you!!

Its fun, sometimes, to trick folks. I can still trick the boys into thinking that if they don't behave I will sell them to the circus. My mother and I would mercilessly trick my dear, sweet, amazingly gullible grandmother. My best trick involved an April Fool's day, my mother and a scale...

Its a sad state of affairs, however, when you have to trick your own body into doing what you want it to. My trick? Wrap my knee gently with an Ace Bandage and it does not mind me running 3 miles!!

After I got home from the gym, I came to a conclusion. Well, its an excuse actually. I needed to go shopping for something "proper" to go running in! If I was going to think about continuing this endeavor over the summer, I would need to make some wardrobe adjustments.

My choices so far have been: Way too hot for this climate long workout (yoga I think) pants, a pair of too tight lycra somethings, or my one good pair of running/biking shorts that come just above the knee. My problem, and I KNOW some of you share in my cross to bear, is that my thighs... well... they need me to wear something that won't ride up. Shorts are out. So that leaves me with the aforementioned options. All, by the way, from Target. My favorite place on earth. Love the store - don't love the sometimes-right-on-sometimes-who-on-earth-marked-this sizing.

If I am going to look like a runner, I need to go where runners go, right? Parker and I went to Sport Chalet today - and I found some really good light weight just-below-the-knee running pants, got two shirts (one I just love - feels like I am wearing air) and a hat. A very cool, mesh and microfiber cool-hat. While I love advertisitng for Arbonne when I am at the gym, the hat makes my head sweat. Ick. I sweat enough all on my own, thank you very much.

Oh - and by the way - what is the statute on actually calling oneself a runner? Is it after you can run a mile without dying? When you break the 12-minute mile mark? I know that calling myself a runner might annoy those who actually ARE runners, but hey - dress the part if you want to become the part, right?

Today's stats: 3 miles, 38:55. Mile 1 --> 13:24 Mile 2--> 12.14 Mile 3--> 13.24 Up a pound today, but heck - it won't stick!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not So Fast....

All those great things I said yesterday about my knee and how wonderful it felt, yadda yadda yadda - today I woke up stiff and achey and felt basically like I was 90. No pain per se, which I take as a good sign, but had my knee wrapped up all morning. Feels better this evening, and I decided to listen to the head rather than the ego and took today off from the gym.

Back at it tomorrow!!

Weight loss holding at 5lbs even.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Running Update

After tweaking out my knee and thoroughly pissing myself off, I decided to take a break from trying to be a runner for a few days. Rode the bike like I was training for the Tour, and did the elliptical instead.

I admitted that I may, infact, be getting older, so I purchased a knee brace. Two, if you want to know the truth. One with an open patella, and a good sized Ace Bandage. Wore them around the house for additional support, especially when carrying a very heavy soon-to-be toddler up and down the stairs. It helped, the knee went from sharp pains to aching.

Then I went back to the gym yesterday and, fully guarded with my open-patella brace, hit the treadmill again. It was fine walking, but twinged a bit when I stepped up the pace. I decided I would jog an even mile and call it good. I did that, the knee felt ok, and I went to the elliptical to finish my workout.

Today - the knee feels fine. Better than fine - it feels normal!!! WTH??

So, I went back today, with the knee wrapped with the Ace Bandage, and was able to do 3 miles! And tonight - it feel normal too! BooYaa!!!

So... 2 miles in 26.20 and 3 miles in 40.17. Getting better!! I walked .5, ran 1.5, walked .25, ran .5 and walked the last .25.

I was beginning to doubt my ability to even think about running a 5K in October. Maybe now it can stay within my sights!!

Oh... and weight loss on the Arbonne Plan... as of today, an even 5 lbs!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Christopher the Charismatic


He cracks me up - Doesn't this last look just say "Touch another of my cheerios and you will regret it!!!" ?? Imagine this look in 18 years when he's a 6'5" 240lb linebacker... Such an expressive face - and so cute to boot!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The end, or the beginning, is getting closer...

Summer. Yesterday marked the end of week 4 since school got out. We have about 5 weeks left. It seemed like it would be a very long summer, but now, well, not so much!!

Parker celebrated his birthday in royal style! He got to choose what we did, what we ate, where we ate - he felt like a king!

He wanted to see CARS. So, we went to the 10am showing at a theater we don't typically visit... there were 6 people, including the 3 of us (Christopher doesnt count) in the theater. The kids got to move around and have fun and dance when the music was good - they loved it!

We then met friends at Chuck E Cheese for lunch/cake/playtime. It was my friend Kathleen from my old MOPS group and her kids - her youngest and Parker share a birthday so we have celebrated with them together for 4 years now.

Needless to say, I did not make it to the gym! Not Thursday...

Friday, however... The kids went to Movie Maddness, meaning they are totally entertained for about 2 hours so I can work out, do the steam room and take a shower, all of which I did. The workout included 45 minutes on the Elliptical and about 15 minutes of weights. I tried to run - did about 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill, but the legs would have none of it, so I abandoned my aspirations and gave my legs a break.

Today I went expecting to do 2 miles all total. Well, the leg-gods were on my side today because I felt good and actually ran 2 miles in one stretch, with a 1/2 mile warm up and a 1/2 mile cool down.

Lets see if I can move tomorrow!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Parker!!!

Then: 18 months old and a big brother for the first time...

Now: 6.5 yrs old and a big brother again...

I say it all the time, but I have a very hard time believing its been 7 years since your birth. You amaze me daily with all that you can do, with the person you are becoming and with all the things you have learned. You are a wonderful big brother, and a fantastic friend. I am enormously proud of you, I thoroughly enjoy you, and I cannot thank you enough for being my son!!

I love you big guy

xoxo, Mom!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Getting old aint' for sissies!

Well, if the fact that we look strickingly similar is not enough to convince folks that I AM my mother's daughter, I have started experiencing one of the family traits right on schedule! I am getting a friendly case of arthritis in my right index finger. Exactly where my mother got it first. Exactly where my grandmother got it first. yipee...

I was more sore than I'd expected to be after yesterday's jaunt at the gym, so I decided to shake my routine up and go back to the elliptical. No jarring motions, no impact - my knees are thanking me, but my shins still ache. (BTW - 30 minutes, 2.5 miles, for the three of you who might be interested in such mundane facts!)

I've started creaking and cracking more. Maybe is the dry air. Maybe its that I am pushing 40 with amazing speed. Yowza - need to keep reminding myself that even though I feel like I am still about 19, in actuality this old bod has quite a few more miles on it and needs to be treated with more gentle gloves...

Like, more visits to the steam room... Yeah - that's the ticket!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Uneventful update

Went running again today. Had to warm up on the "bad" treadmills and then actually do my "run" on the good ones. Tally? 3.5 miles, about 48 minutes. Did 3.0 in 40min, 15sec. Still no one will want to attach a chariot to me and let me take them out for a spin, but hey - I'm out there doing it!

The problem? It seems now, over 2 weeks into my "I'm going to get into shape no matter what" routine, my dear old friends, Shin Splints, are showing up. I have no idea why. I am wearing rather new shoes, no pavement running, no sprinting, working my endurance up slowly and letting my head rather than my ego dictate my day... and yet here I sit, legs lathered in medicinal balm, aching in a very familiar way.

Probably should have someone who knows that they are doing give me some advice.

Oh- and can anyone tell my why, after 3 weeks of working out more often and longer than I have in 9 months, is my body rebelling by GAINING weight? Seems monumentally unfair... its like my body is conspiring against me to quit this working-out thing.

Ha... At least for now, I can silence that beast!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Workout update

Went to the gym this morning after a not-so-friendly number on the scale. This was after a touch of a tummy-thing yesterday that I was sure would tip the scale into the friendly direction, but I was wrong..

Anyway - used one of the NordicTrack treadmills per the advice of my friend and running buddy, Karen. Much better run! Today I walked .25 miles, jogged 1.5, walked .5, jogged another .75 to make it 3 miles in under 40 minutes which like I said, will not set the world on fire, but hey - its getting better every time I go out there!

All told - 3.3 miles, 45 minutes, 500 calories burned.