Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've been poked again!!

It's a good thing Greta reminds me every now and then to update this thing... lately I've nearly forgotten all about it! I have been neglectful, and I know better than to let that happen because it irks me when someone who I enjoy reading does not post updates for a while.

Since we last saw our heroes, Mighty Mom and Champion of Cuteness left the the lair and took a trip of gargantuan proportions; we went back to New England for my high school reunion (the actual reunion number shall remain nameless because I flatly refuse to admit I have been out of school for t-h-a-t long!) We flew on a direct-non-stop flight from PHX to Providence via Southwest (who knew SWA flew anywhere direct-non-stop??) and he was perfect and adorable for the whole flight. In fact, he was perfect and charming the entire trip, save for one day in the middle there where he woke up heaving with a fever of about 102. Angie now knows there is an Urgent Care clinic in Lincoln, RI... and I now know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE her Honda Pilot with navigation system, without which I would probably still be driving around in circles trying to find my way home!!

Prior to this interjection into the trip, everything had been going swimmingly. The flight, while I tossed and turned into a stress-filled pretzel the night before we left, was easy as pie. My visit with Angie was lovely, as always! Chris and her son Evan got along like they had been friends for years! And, I had a totally delightful evening with this lovely lady pictured with me in the photo above. To tell it, it sounds strange - we have been friends since before Parker was born, but this was the first time we had met in person. Such is the world of cyber-groups now, and while it still may seem odd to many to have really great friends with folks you never actually SEE in person, the bonds are still strong and tight and allow for an evening of easy conversation and laughter, just like you get with folks you've known since way-back-when! Karyn is a rock-star, and meeting her in person was absolutely fantastic!!

Back to the incident that nearly ruined the trip... One Ear Infection diagnoses and scrip for Omicef later, and he was right as rain again! I have to give myself a shameless plug here... I don't, as a general rule, do vomiting children. If someone looks like they are going to blow like Vesuvius, I point them in the direction of their father and run for the hills. It's an agreement Steve and I have and it works well - he takes the barfing kids, I take everything else. I think I have the winning side of that deal....

Anyway - I was not able to throw hand Chris over to his dad because Dad was in Scottsdale, and while I probably could have improved on my performance during Chris's heave-fest, I think I did OK overall. Pat, pat, pat....

This little jaunt to the doctor stalled my drive to CT by several hours, but I did get down there on Friday. Stopped by Farmington to register for the reunion and then drove to Elizabeth's house.

All I can say is WOW... first of all, I had no idea that there was town where they live. Eons ago when I lived there it was nothing more than hills. Second, their home is absolutely lovely! Beautifully appointed, great yard, fantastic kids and a great big pooch named Max! Additionally, as evidenced by this picture, he really hated being flanked by two adorable young girls the whole time!

So, how was it to go back to my childhood home? Simply put, it was wonderful. I'll post more thoughts on that later... My fingers are pooped!