Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter Everyone

Just loved the picture from Easter and wanted to share with my 3 readers... I hope each of you had a blessed Easter or Passover.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Date!!!

Steve and I went out, by ourselves, to dinner on Thursday. In most parts of the world, I think they call that a date. Its been so long since the last time we were out together, sans enfants, that I could be rusty on my terminology.

I feel compelled to confess my food-choice sins, as Nancy is being so open and honest about her poor choices, and confession is good for the soul, and misery loves company, so I hope that, at least, Nancy feels better after reading this...

Now, before I go into full-blown confession mode, let me please, for the record, state that: I have been running regularly of late, except for the last 4 days while I am waiting for my shin to stop hurting. Additionally, with Steve's parents here and my going back to work, I have been leaving all meal preperation to my mother in law, who, God bless her, has been making sure the family gets fed at night. Beggars cannot be choosers - all thought about "light and fit" meals have been tossed out the window lately and I am revelling in "midwestern fare". This negates all good things I have done while running. Or, not running...

Back to my date. We went to The Keg, and had a most delightful time. I threw caution and calorie counting to the wind. My meal consisted of: 2 large shrimp with cocktail sauce, Ahi-tuna appetizer, 5oz of my 9oz filet that was smoothered with scallops, more shrimp, asparagus spears and the most amazing Bernaise sauce, a twice-baked potato and topped off with something lucious and smothered in chocolate.

The waitress was delightful, and even asked if we were "finished", rather than the all-too-often used "DONE", which just chaps my Grammar Girl hide to no end.. and the ambiance was lovely.

I'm sure I will need to run a marathon to undo all the damage from that one meal, but every now and then its SO worth it to live large and enjoy. Life is short. It flies by in an instant... to quote Steve's hero "If you don't stop to look around every now and then, you might miss it."

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sleep well, sweet girl...

Sad day today. It was a day I knew was coming, and yet still was harder to face than I had imagined.

We had to say goodbye to Maddy today. She lived for 9 years and 3 months. Old by Berner standards, but not nearly long enough.

Touted by all who knew her as the worlds' greatest dog, she was kind to everyone, well mannered, sweet and loving, protective and fiercely loyal. I have no doubt that, if the need had ever arisen, she would have laid down her life for any one of us. She gave us everything she had to give, and asked only for a cozy spot next to us to sleep.

But in the end, we had to do what was best for her, regardless of how painful it is for us. She was suffering, and clearly in pain. Wasting away literally before our eyes, she was no longer able to wag her tail - pain or exhaustion, or a combination of both prevented that. She was not able to be the dog she had been, and looked at us as if to ask us to make it all stop. This morning, I could take it no more. The vet agreed with my take, and she will be burried in Mom's yard, next to her brother, Spencer.
We will miss you, Maddy... There will never be another dog as amazing as you.
Swiss Star's Great Expectations, aka Madison.
January 9th, 1998 - April 2, 2007.