Thursday, July 20, 2006

4 miles to Migraine City

First off - I am thrilled with myself on many levels! I went back to the gym today and hit the treadmill and did FOUR MILES!!! WooHoo!!!

More thrilling was this.. after my 1/4 mile warm up, I went straight to a 5.0 pace (where as before I was starting about 4.4 and maybe making it to 4.8) and it felt GREAT!! No sore anything - knee, shins, the works - and I hit a nice, smooth stride right away, and was able to even go for a while at 5.4!!! While running, I never dipped below 4.7 and that used to be my sprint!

My stats for today:
Mile 1 --> 12:52 which is almost 20 seconds faster than yesterday!
Mile 2 --> 11:27 meaning I BROKE A 12-MINUTE MILE!!!
Mile 3 --> 12:21 I was getting tired here and walked about 1/4 mile
Mile 4 --> 14:08 which included 1/2 mile walking.
My average pace for the whole run was 12:48

Breaking the 12-minute mile mark was huge for me. It was not long ago that I was happy to be running a 13-minute mile and now this??!! It is SO COOL to see my endurance getting better and better... Now to keep it up and NOT get hurt!

The down side?

It used to take a 3-mile run to give me a "you did too much dope!" migraine. Now, it takes 4 miles.... Ouch!

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