Monday, July 27, 2009

A weekend of bliss...

As a treat, Steve and I got away for a weekend this last weekend. The trip was a gift from my mom who is probably unbearably tired of me complaining about the heat so she said "off with you" and sent us to San Diego.

Steve and I stayed at the Marriott on Coronado. If you have never been, I recommend it. The hotel is lovely, the rooms are huge, and while it is NOT on the ocean side *you look at San Diego Harbor* the crowds are fewer and it is much quieter. There are three pools, and it is overall a lovely place to stay.

We went to the beach, and I reveled in having my feet in the sand, and ocean breezes blowing by... it was as close to heaven for this desert dweller as one can come!

The boys stayed with a sitter, for the first time EVER. And, I am thrilled to report there were no meltdowns, no tantrums, no panic attacks.. all went smoothly. Thank goodness!!

I have pictures posted on my Facebook page, or you can follow this link to see them. Coronado Photos.

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Too Damn Hot

My apologizes to Cole Porter for using his lyrics.. but it is true.. right now, today, this summer, it is just too darn hot to even think. Let alone blog. Or, really, move in any way.

I should toughen up. I've been here 8 years. I should proudly proclaim the heat index as if it were a badge of courage. I just can't.

It's too damn hot...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

10 years ago, I became a mom...

Parker turned 10 on Monday. Such a monumental age... TEN. Both hands, all fingers. TEN. The Big Roman Numeral X.

Having a summer birthday in Arizona sucks monkey toes, so we will do something to celebrate this monumental age after school begins.

I am still holding out hope that he will change his mind, and we will end up going to DisneyLand this fall to celebrate both BIG birthdays - his, and mine!! More likely, however, will be either a pool party or baseball game.

We did go out to dinner to celebrate. I think Macaroni Grill was a hit!!