Thursday, March 30, 2006



Which roughly translates to 1/2 the size of fi-ty-cen... Ok, so my gangsta' humor isn't the best.. Parker wanted to make Christopher look like a rapper-rocker kid. Actually, it turned out kind of cute... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Christopher - nearing 7 months...


Most of these joyous looks are generated by the antics of his big brothers, in whom Christopher takes much delight. The teeth have been in for a bit, but the only time you see them is if he is really mad... so, blurry and angry picture allows view of teeth!! Posted by Picasa

Snow falling on Saguaros

We got not only rain, but a decent layer of snow on the McDowell Mountains yesterday. The event broke a 142 day dry-spell (yes, I know we live in the desert. Seems logical we'd go without rain for a while, but evidently the previous rain-free record was only 101 days... kind of blew that one out of the water...)

A bacterial update for those who care - seems the humans might just be winning this round - still got 8 days, so I will let you know... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sinus Infection Bacteria, 2... Sam, 0

Down again ladies and gentlemen... Finished course #1 of 1500mg/day ammoxicillin regimine on Tuesday, was down for the count again by Friday. Am on second round of drugs - Levaquin this time (to the tune of $6 a pill!).

So - lets see, since January: 1 nasty case of Bronchitis, 2 trips to Urgent Care (1 was a Sunday, 1 I could not get in to see my doc), one course of prednisone, 30 days of antibiotics, 4 days missed work, and I am still not healthy.

2006 ain't exactly starting like I'd hoped...