Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy March

I've sat down to post an update countless times, and have just always found that, while there is much going on, I have had little to say. Or, as has been the case frequently, I have had lots to say, but it has been during daylight hours and my youngest is awake and demanding to take over my keyboard, and any attempts on my part to blog would be strickly futile.

We are on spring break this coming week. It is feeling like spring around here - highs in the upper 70's and low 80's. I know some of you are still digging out from under snow, and while the urge to smack me right through the computer is understandably strong, please refrain. Take comfort in knowing that this 'good time of the year' is short lived and we will be clear into the upper 90's by April and above 100 by the 1st of May. We don't see double digits again until Halloween, so while you can hate me now, it shall be me turning green in a few short weeks.

My mother sent me a very funny (but funny in a "man - that is SO true" sort of way) about there being no perfect place to retire. I know- I am ages away from retirement, but bear with me... this one had the premise that just because the grass looks greener, upon further inspection, it's all about the same everywhere... Anyway, lest I digress any further, the part in this email about Arizona had some funny quips in it, and ended with:

Weather - we have 4 seasons in Arizona;
*Really, really hot and

I giggled out loud at that one.

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