Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still in a pollen-induced fog.

I checked the counts online the other day. I guess the scale for pollen is 0-12. Anything above a 6 means most folks will feel the effects of the pollen. Right now, we are sitting at 10.9. I guess it is nice to have some validation as to why we all feel so awful. My Claritin cocktail with Aller-Clear chaser was not working for me, to I switched to Zyrtec which is supposed to be a stronger antihistamine. We will see. If I could breathe in deeply without coughing, or feel like my throat is no longer lined with shards of glass, I would be happy. I'd even take the sand-paper inner lids I am battling if the rest of it would go away.

My car is yellow. My dining room table? The one I dusted yesterday (with a dust broom because the layer was so thick)?? Yes - it is yellow again today. We caved and turned on the air conditioning. Yes - it's warm enough outside to heat up the upstairs (reading 82 on the thermometer) and warrant it, but really, the decision is based more on trying to filter this crap out of the air we breathe.

Its not working.

So, am I using this as an excuse to not run, or is it a valid reason to have put a temporary halt to my running? Pollen counts are worst first thing in the morning, my preferred running time. The news media is even telling folks to avoid being outside if you are susceptible to allergies. So what's a gal to do? My midsection is getting fluffier by the day, and yet I lack any and all motivation to go out there and sweat and breathe heavy and fill my poor unsuspecting lungs with more of this gunk.

And then there's the whole "you're just being lazy and soon your new cute pants won't fit anymore" voice rumbling around inside my head.....

Heaven forbid I should hit the GYM??!!

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