Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something that really chaps my hide...

I came home today to find an anonymous note in my mailbox. It was a copy of the city ordinance regarding dogs being on leashes. Yes, there is history here - indulge me if you will...

We have two dogs. Two very large dogs. Most folks around here do not have large dogs - they have little, snappy, yappy dogs. Specifically, there are two Bischon Frises who seem hell bent on killing my two dogs.

There are 3 families who live within .1 mile of me who ALL let their dogs outside when the family is out. I have been greeted by Gertie and her brother Cosmo, two lovely and energetic black labs, on quite a few occasions. I've met Ipo in my own back yard before - he's a fun loving chocolate lab, the size of a Great Dane.

Admittedly, my two are social retards. They want to play with other dogs, but they don't' really have the social skills to carry it out. Schooner is too big and oaf-y, and Cyrus is just too timid, but he revels at the opportunity to go greet other dogs. Which is exactly what happened yesterday.

The painter was here, and he was getting some old paint out of our garage for color matching. The door was open. I was out there. Cyrus was out with me. Yes - he was not on a leash, my bad, forgive me. He hears the two white, yippy dogs heading out for a walk, and dashes down to greet them. He is met with snarling and barking and yipping and carrying on, and oh-my-stars, you'd think the world was coming to an end the way those two carried on.

I tried calling him back - 9 times out of 10 he responds well, but the neighbor was having her roof repaired, and I really don't think he could hear me over the chainsaws and blowers.

The mother of these two dogs was clearly displeased. I was clearly displeased, and I dashed down there and chased Cyrus home

Today I get the ordinance letter in my mailbox. Its not hard to guess who sent it, but I do wish that, should someone have the audacity to enter my mailbox and be so passive-aggressive about the whole thing, they'd at least have the balls to put their name to it.

Makes me think of leaving a note in my own mailbox regarding the fact that it is a FELONY to go into someone else's mailbox...

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angie s. said...

I'd be pissed too...someone has far too much time on their hands don't you think?!