Saturday, March 22, 2008

Feelin' like poop.... again...

This must be a banner year for allergies. I am faithfully taking my 24-hour allergy meds, using allergy eye drops 2x per day, and I still feel like poop. You know - that, is it allergies or do I have a NASTY cold sort of poop. It makes you all lethargic and like all you want to do is sleep. But then you lay down to sleep and your head fills up and the pressure of it all gets to you and so you give up trying to sleep and head for the nearest bottle of Advil.

And, as my hubby and probably my children will attest, it also makes me cranky. Really cranky, in a sort of bite-your-head-off-and-chew-it-up sort of way. Just so you all don't think it is just in my head (punny, I know!) my car is turning yellow. The upside is that the air is rich in the fragrance of orange blossoms, and it smells absolutely heavenly (that is when the sinuses clear enough for me to smell anything) but with it comes a bit of torture for one's nose.

Christopher and Matthew have also been hit hard this year - Chris sees me with a kleenix in my hand and he toddles off as quickly as he can in the opposite direction!!

Cute little nothing-to-do-with-anything note: 2 days ago I was putting Christopher in his car seat. After I hoisted him up and he got himself all settled in, I asked him "Ok, should we buckle your seatbelt now?" To which he replied "Absolutely mommy".

I wanted to just gobble him up right then.

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