Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A crushing blow to the ego

I have been very lax in my running lately. I even asked my cyber-buddy Jenn to challenge me to a running contest through Nike+ in order to motivate myself again. If I have gotten in 2 runs a week, its been a busy running week for me lately. This is a very long way of saying that I need to give myself a big kick in the arse and get back out there because if I don't, soon none of my pants will fit. And that, as we all know, would be bad.

I motivated myself today, and set the bar low - 2.5 miles. I've done twice that a few times, and decided that 2.5 would be a good mid-range goal. Not so much that I am over doing it, far enough to do some good.

It was long and hard and I was winded and sore by the end. Even at the beginning, it was not easy. As soon as I turned from our neighborhood to the main street I run down, I was passed as if standing still by a man, clearly older than I am. Ok, fine - he's got the whole "long legs, big stride" thing going for him. I watch him effortlessly pass me by and soon, pass right out of sight.

What was not so easy to rationalize for me, however, was the probably sixty-something woman who, on my way home, also passed me like I was standing still. She strode down the street, effortlessly shifting her feet in front of her. I tried to keep up with her, for even a block. It was of no use... I nearly stopped breathing from effort.

Clearly, I need to work on my stamina and my speed.

Nothing like getting passed by Granny to make you feel all slow and sloth-like.

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