Saturday, March 15, 2008

Conversation with a 7 yr old

The other morning, as I was getting ready for the day, Matthew comes into the bathroom, apparently to watch me get ready (love the privacy we have in my house!). He and I have the following interchange.

Matt: "Mom, did you know that if a space ship from Earth, made of matter, went into space and collided with another space ship from another planet that was made of anti-matter, there would be no residue from either ship left?"

Me: "No - really??"

Matt: "Yeah, because when matter and anti-matter collide, they just cancel each other out, but when matter and matter collide, there is always some junk left over. No one would ever know if matter and anti-matter collided because there would be no leftovers."

Me: "Wow - that's really cool... where did you learn that?"

Matt: "Duh, mom.... from your computer. Are there any frozen waffles left"

This kid continues to literally blow my mind! Anyone else think we should just call MIT now and reserve him a space?

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