Saturday, July 09, 2005

What's in a name???

We celebrated Parker's 6th birthday yesterday with a pool party at the house. Parker was thrilled to be able to stretch his birthday out over three days. Who can blame him, really? I remember the 364 days between one birthday and the next seemed to drag on into eternity when I was a child - so I have no problen indluging him a bit with this special day!

But I think his favorite part was not visiting with his friends, or getting hyped up on cake, or even opening presents... I think Parker's favorite part was the lifeguard who came to the party. See, his name is Parker, too!! Matthew and Parker have been taking swimming lessons through the City of Scottsdale, daily, for the last month or so. One of the instructors and lifeguards is named Parker Young. Well, let me tell you, when my Parker found out that there was they way cool instructor with HIS name - let's just say if he could have done backflips off the high-dive board, he would have. Ever since that first day, my Parker will try to initiate conversation with Coach Parker. He reminds me of a school girl with a crush, rushing back to tell her friends verbatem what the "cool guy" said to him that day.

I think its been good for my Parker to see this older Parker in action, working with kids, having some authority, having fun... I think my Parker sees where he could be, some 13 years down the line. He is far more excited to get to swim lessons early, if possible, for a chance to hang with the cool kid!

And the cutest part - my Parker actually wrote a note to coach Parker inviting him to come to his birthday. And Parker, being the gracious young man that he apparently is, accepted! It was truly the BEST present a 6 yr old could have received!!

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Jenn T. said...

Sam, I want to see some close up pics of this lifeguard, Parker. Was he a hottie? ;)