Sunday, July 03, 2005

At what point does the body explode?

I feel like I am inching closer and closer to that point daily. I am posting two images of me - just about 4 weeks apart. Keeping in mind that I have about 6 weeks left, I just don't see how I can grow a whole lot more!!

Add to that the discomfort of months 8 and 9, the dreaded and never ending heat, and basically, well, the fun is over! Again, I thank my dear angel Eddie for fixing my air conditioning or else I think I may have packed it in and moved to Alaska!!

The boys are so very excited to meet their little brother - as are Steve and I. We keep wondering how and where he will fit into this family... of course, I worried about these same things with Matthew, so I have precident that all will be fine, but it still gives me things to think about late at night... inbetween potty stops!

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