Monday, July 18, 2005

Up again?

Following through with my roller coaster analogy, we are on a bit of an upswing. After the antibiotics kicked in for Dad, we realized that we/he had let the pain get the better of him, so last night was horrific (by mom's account) and he was NOT doing well this morning.

So where's the up? Well, Mom decided to play druggist, at the urging and approval of the Hospice nurses, and got enough pain meds into him that by afternoon, he was not only back to where he'd been Friday, I would say he was even more alert and himself. I spent about 2 hours with him this afternoon - just chatting. Nothing really important, nothing earth-shattering, just banter. And it was wonderful!

He has relinquished control of some things to Mom - the banking for one - and if you know my dad, you would know just how HUGE that is! And he seems very OK with letting others take over. His need to control everything seems to be waning, and that is increasing the peace in the house! He and Steve also had a good visit.

They always say that the valleys make the mountains look even higher. Such is true with us, now.

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