Thursday, July 07, 2005

Its those changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes...

Why does the sound of steel drums actually make me feel more relaxed?? I have subjected my boys to Jimmy Buffet since, literally, birth (had it on in the delivery room both times!!) and now my boys are tried and true parrot heads. I wonder at what age they would be safe from the contact-high that is certain to accompany actually GOING to a Buffet concert??

But Mr. James Buffet is right - sometimes just a change is all you need. We took an intown vacation this week - well, for 3 nights, really. We were 8 miles from home and at times felt a world away. It is a rather long story WHY we went away where we live, but suffice it to say we had an extended test drive with a time share to use. It was good - it was certainly something I needed!

We even came home at least once daily - to check the mail (Parker LOVED getting all those birthday cards from the folks on the playgroup board!!!), make sure the birds and cat had not eaten each other, and even at times to eat. But our "Other home" as Matthew called it meant far fewer bickering fights between the two boys, mom not hounding them to pick up their toys, someone else coming in to make the beds and wash the towels.... Overall, it was just good for the soul. Sort of like a nice daiquari and some steel drums in the background!

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