Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Philosophical discussion with a 5-yr old...

A bit of background here. The gal who watches Christopher, Nada, has/had a little blue parakeet that Matthew loved to lovingly-torment. Well, KJ died today. Matthew was really saddened by this - not to the point of tears but said many times over the course of the evening how sorry he felt for Nada that her bird died.

So, we decided to get her a new bird - the boys and me. On the way to the petstore, travel cage safely tucked on Matthew's lap, the following discussion ensued:

Matthew: I have an imaginary friend. He lives in my pocket. He is really old and I think he will die tomorrow.

Me: Really?? How will you feel about that?

Matthew: Sad

Me: How do you think he feels now, living in your pocket?

Matthew: He likes it. Sometimes it gets dirty in there, just like when I have been playing in the sandbox at school. Then you put my pants in the laundry and he gets clean. He doesn't come out of my pocket, though. But he gets clean.

Me: Cool!

Matthew: Yeah. When he dies tomorrow he will go out of my pocket and up to heaven.

Me: Really?

Matthew: Yeah. Kind of like Nada's bird and Baba (that's my dad) when they died and went to heaven. Hey - Kind of like we live in God's pocket and when we die we leave His pocket.

And for the rest of the drive, all I could see what the final scene from Men in Black II when they open the locker...

Guess it could be worse than thinking we live in God's pocket, huh?


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What a cool thought, living in God's pocket.