Friday, April 21, 2006

33 days and counting

Of actually IN CLASSROOM school, that is. I don't know who is more excited for school to be out - my students, or my co-workers.

Of course, 33 days roughly translates into about 7 weeks of school. Almost 2 months... insert an exasperated and exhausted sigh here...

I had an interview today with another elementary school. In all candor, it was not as much an interview as it was a fishing expidition. I'd seen a posting for a part time position at another school so I went to check it out. Even the school was not certain that the position would stick. Add to the mix that I am not certain if my current elementary position will or will not be pushed to full time next year (and if its not I would stay) nor do we have any idea what the middle school will even look like let alone what the special ed cencus will be - it was more of a "If this works out, then we can say we met and conducted an interview' meeting.

Even so - I'd say it went well. Part of me really wants and needs to get out of the school and the situation I am in. The other part feels enormously guilty for even thinking about leaving. If there are some shakeups in the administration then I would consider staying. If not, I can't bolt out of there fast enough.

You know - when you ask for a job with security, it just might pay to be a little more specific as to what you mean by that...

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