Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tag - you're now it..

If you're reading -- consider yourself tagged.

I AM: a wife, mother and teacher. I am also certifiably crazy-go-nuts because of it all.

I WANT: enough money to be comfortable in life and not be so crazy-go-nuts all the time.

I WISH: I could be paid for walking around in shorts and flipflops on the beach.

I HATE: stupidity, rudeness and those who feel entitled to break the rules.

I MISS: my dad.

I HEAR: the laughter and giggles of my 8 mo. old son as he plays with our 1 yr old dog...

I WONDER: what life will hold for my children...

I REGRET: Will come back to this one...

I AM NOT: good with numbers. Remembering them, yes. Doing anything pracitcal with them, no...

I DANCE: very, very badly, but mostly infront of my children to make them laugh.

I SING: show tunes. LOUDLY at times!

I CRY: way too easily, at silly things like commercials.


I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: photographs that I hope will hold a dear memory or moment in time for someone.

I WRITE: Ramblings of my slightly conscious mind that make sense really only to me, and then, not even consistently.

I CONFUSE: my childrens' names all the time.

I NEED: about 5 more people to join my Arbonne team.

I SHOULD: schedule that mammogramm, have my blood-work done again and see if my body has returned to its rather rational self after being pregnant with Christopher.

I START: working part time in the fall, so help me GOD!

I FINISH: unless its housework, most everything I start.

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