Monday, May 01, 2006

Its a Monday, and I'm not at work!!!


This poor bugger has another ear infection, so we are home, trying to mend. It was a rough day yesterday, and heart-wrenching last night as he woke with a fever over 103 and was just miserable. Thank God for baby advil... truly - that stuff is worth its weight in gold!

But even when he's misearable, he's still pretty darn cute and adorable! I just had to post another pic... I doubt many of you knew or remember my grandfather, David Todd Gillmor (which is were the TODD in Christopher Todd comes from) but he would make this face a lot... the tounge purposefully out of the corner of his mouth. It was usually accompanied by a wink of the opposite eye, meaning "Okie Dokie" or "You Betcha" or something like that. It cracks me up that Christopher makes this face too - minus the wink obviously, because even though he's amazing and brilliant, even I can admit winking on cue is a bit much to ask of an 8 month old... My grandfather is the only relative we have pictures of who bears even the slightest resembalance to Chris.. so now he has two things in common with his Great Grandfather.

Speaking of odd family genetics... My grandmother, my mom and I can all raise an eyebrow. No biggie, unless you are my husband who is totally befuddled by this. He, however, can wiggle his ears. Truly freakishly cool talent. Parker - well, being the true blend of his mother and his father can do both!! Genetics are a strange and wonderful thing, aren't they?

Update on the job situation for next year - I got the .5 at Desert Canyon Elementary, which means part time for me!! YOO HOO~~ 8:30 to 11:30 daily. This means I will actually have time to... 1) go to the store without a gaggle of kids 2) do laundry and other household tasks on a day other than the weekend 3) perhaps, if the planets are alligned, go to the gym!!! Posted by Picasa

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Rox said...

Christopher is adorable - ear infection & all.

And congrats on going part time! Having the best of both worlds is a wonderful thing.