Friday, April 07, 2006

And I ra-a-an, I ran so far away....

No, not running away from home, but I am very proud of myself because after an eon, I have started exercising again... and not only that, I am trying to make my dreams of being a runner come true!!

My neighborhood is one mile in circimferance if you go door to door and hit each sidewalk. Pretty cool knowledge for the control freak in me that HAS to know how far I've gone.

I started last week, walking the neighborhood at least once. Shins hurt, hip hurt - I was a mess. But I am very proud of myself that I did not give up!

Now, I go for two laps. I can't run a full lap yet, but I am not going to let my ego dictate my running schedule. I do one street/cul-de-sac, walk the next one, jog the one after that... and am slowly decreasing the number of recoveries. My goal will be to jog both laps, then add distance.

I know I must look rediculous... I am going only for distance, not for speed, and I think my 4 yr old neighbor could outrun me! (I know for a fact Parker could!!) But heck - I am out there, I am doing it, and I keep going back!!!

Baby Steps....

Oh, and I am actually calling my excusrions "Wogging", because it really IS a euphamism to say I am running!!

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Terri said...

Way to go, Sam!!!!!!!!!!!