Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thansgiving everyone... We should do more reflecting on the blessings in our lives, but at least we take this one day to remember all that we have and be appreciative, humbled and grateful. My top 10...{in no particular order}

1) My family. Specifically, Parker, Matthew and Christopher. I am so amazingly blessed to be their mom - they continue to amaze me daily, and they think I am the coolest and most wonderful mom in the whole world. (I will appreciate it now, because I am sure this will change when they hit their teenage years and everyone ELSE's mom is way cooler than me...)

2) My family - part II.. Specifically, Steve - my wonderful and loving husband who takes care of me when I'm sick, stays home with a sick child, sings to the baby and is just all around fantastic!

3) My family - part III... I was very blessed to be raised by an amazing man, my dad, who we lost last year. My mom "done good" in the dad-picking department!! I am very blessed that I still have my mom around and am so thankful for our wonderful relationship. We have fun together like a couple of girlfriends rather than mother/daughter.

4) My job... Its been crazy and insane and a racket lately, but I really do love my team and the kids I work with. I am very thankful that it all worked out so that I could stay at my school this year.

5) My camera. I love taking pictures. I love it when they turn out and the people in them are pleased with the results!! I love that I can make a side business doing something that I find so fun! I am thankful that others think I have talent.

6) My computer. Its getting old, and in need of at least a new hard drive, but it connects me to the world outside Arizona in a way that the telephone can't. I have amazing and wonderful friends, most of whom I have never met in person, who are there to encourage and support me and cheer me on. They are an amazing group of ladies and I cannot imaging my life without them.

7) My in-real-life friends... old and new... Life is just so much better with friends!! Especially the kind who have known you since way-back-when or the kind you can just pick right back up with regardless of the time between visits! Good Friends are the sisters God forgot to give you...

8) My new car... it works, nothing is falling apart, it gets great gas mileage, fits everything I need in it...its safe and cute and I don't feel rediculous driving a big huge car alone like I did with the Odyssey.

9) My iPod. I earned it through Arbonne, which was really wicked cool in itself, its an amazing little gadget (and those who know me know my love for gadgets) that goes easily with me running, keeps the boys amused on long flights, goes with me anywhere... I could not run without it!

10) The fact that the sun rises each day and sets each night and that I get to experience both, at least for today, since we don't always know what tomorrow brings, but we can enjoy today for all its splendor and beauty and just be thankful that we can be a part of it all...

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