Monday, November 06, 2006

Hold that...

I just saw THIS on today's morning news... we're not out of the woods yet. Record breaking heat. Great!! Wonderful! We've not had enough of that this summer, so, you know - go ahead and pile it on!!

Heellloooooo up there - it's NOVEMBER people... wanna stop blasting the heat for us??

We were at Fr. Jon's farewell dinner last night. People were getting up to speak... one of our Choir members, a very outspoken and funny guy, remembered thinking they were hiring a Pastor who may not have full command of his senses when Fr. Jon accepted the job in the middle of July. When it was 119* in the shade....

He said - You know, they call it a "dry heat"... Dry - yeah, its dry, but then again so's a house-fire!

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