Friday, November 03, 2006

Job update

Full time contract??


Job Description???


It only took until the 10th week of school (aren't you glad your kids are not in the Special Ed program where I work!??) for us to get fully staffed and for me to finally KNOW what my job will be!!

Isn't it strange that this is the exact job I had mentioned to the school and the district back in SEPTEMBER? So much of the headaches and troubles would have been avoided if they had just listened to me...

And we all know that if I ruled the world, there'd be world peace, a cure for cancer and pleanty of food on every table... ;-)

Oh, and for those of you keeping score at home, I will be the 6th and 7th grade LRC teacher, included for 4 classes a day with 1 pull-out resource class.... Just as I had suggested way back when....

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