Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tales of a slug

Just because you believe that something will work out to your benefit, don't take this as a sign that you can be lazy. You are in a major career phase now and this is your chance to effectively use informal communications to strengthen your position with your coworkers. Don't worry about the rules; just say what's on your mind. Others are interested in knowing your opinion.

This is my horoscope for today. Eventually, when all the crap at work settles down I will blog about what's been going on for the last 7 weeks. I do, however, find todays horoscope for Capricorn to be, well, dead on. Freakily dead on.

I have been a slug this week. Ran Monday, and not since. Worked out with the trainer Tuesday and I pulled my right hip-flexor so I am NOT meeting with her today because I got about 3 hours of sleep last night (Chris either has an ear infection or is just going through hell with teeth) and if she so much as mentions squats, lunges or something else that moves my hip flexors, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

My race is Sunday, and I feel like I should be doing MORE to prepare, but I'm exhausted, running ragged at work trying to do the job of 3 people and Steve is gone this morning so I can't walk/run even if I want to before work.


I need coffee.

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