Sunday, October 30, 2005

She's back!!!

I picked up my bike from the shop last night, and was able to take her out for the first time today! Strange how I'd let her sit and gather dust for 4 years and then missed her so much when she was being fixed!! The brakes don't squeek anymore, the gears actually shift when I want them to (rather than having a mind of their own!) and overall I just feel safer knowing that all parts are in working order.

INCLUDING MY ON-BOARD COMPUTER!!! I didn't really understand the depth of my control-freakishness until I tried riding without knowing all the data - how far, how fast and how long!! For example, I now know that I rode for 1hr and 3 minutes and covered 13.2 miles with an average speed of 12.7 and max speed of 19.4. Useless knowledge, really, but to coin Nancy's phrase, it makes me feel "fierce". Dug my riding gloves out from underneath years of stored crap-ola and off I went!

I really love this time out riding. The weather was lovely, the traffic was light so I didn't really fear being hit by a car, and my legs felt great - until I got off my bike! In a strange way, too, it gives me time to spend with Dad. He bought Steve & I these bikes about 5 years ago so we could ride the trails in the Oakland hills. We used them quite frequently until we moved here, and then let we them waste away in the garage. But being alone out on the roads gives me time to think about Dad and all the wonderful things he did for me during my lifetime. It certainly gives me the "attitude of gratitude", and I can't help but feel that that, along with the endorphins, does wonders for my overall mood and demeanor!

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Miss Gulch said...

I'm glad she's back, and that there's someone else out there who goes nuts when the bike is in the shop!