Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gosh - its been forever!

I keep this blog as more or less a journal of our lives, and I also try to write nightly in my 5-yr journal. Well, somehow a whole bunch of time has gotten by me and I've not written at all.

There's really not been a whole lot to write about, I suppose. We have been working on the room that had been my office and turning it into a storage room. Houses in Arizona have no basements and no attics, and ours has only a 2-car garage. The "office" was originally the 3rd car stall, but we guess that the original owners wanted it turned into a room. The insulation, however, is most definately that of a garage!

I was without a computer for 5 days. I felt SO isolated and out of touch. Made me almost a bit panicky at times... and showed me the depth of my addition to my online friends! We also have moved the computer upstairs, meaning that it is less accessible to me than it was in its original location. Indeed - not a bad thing. Less time on the computer means more time doing something else. But it also means that some of my habits, such as blogging, have also suffered.

Updates on everyone - Parker has started the more challenging words for his spelling lists this week after a not-so-encouraging parent/teacher meeting. His teacher seems OK with the fact that he has not really learned any new skill so far this year. I am decidedly NOT ok with this. We compromised that she would give him a harder spelling list. Yeah - See Mrs. Jensen, be careful what you ask for... Could, Because, People - all words that do not conform to any spelling rule at all... thanks! I think he will rise to the challenge.

Matthew has started reading! He is sounding out words and reading many of the pre-primer books I have at the house. His whole class is starting to read books, as well! He is so proud of himself - as are we!! I've also noticed that despite his leaps and bounds into the world of learning, he is more sensitive lately. Needing more hugs, some time for just him to cuddle, wanting to hold my hand more now... and that just tickles a mom's heart to no end!

Christopher is inching closer and closer to that 3-month mark. Still has blue eyes and very little hair! He's overall a very happy baby who absolutely loves to be held. I think he enjoys sitting with Steve, watching football as much as Steve does! He grins from ear to ear when he sees his big brothers and laughs uncontrollably when you change his clothes - he is mighly ticklish!!

School continues to go well... nothing much to report there. Steve spent a bit of time travelling last week, and is very excited that his year-end will end quite well.

In a nutshell - that's us!

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