Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fly-by posting

More quick patting myself on the back - actually rode my bike to do two errands that would otherwise have required my car... feeling a bit healthier and happy to NOT use gas!! (Thank Nancy - see, you are an inspiration!) Missed the gym yesterday, but the errands were about 3 miles all told... Knee still hurts and that is pissing me off!!

I am off for the next few days. Christopher and I are going up to Berkeley for Dad's memorial up there. Will meet up with old and new friends, and that will be fun. Don't know about re-hashing all the feelings of grief - maybe this one will be easier to NOT cry through than the one last month.

Will check in on Friday or Saturday and tell y'all how it went...

Oh -and any silent prayers for no diaper-disasters mid-flight will be appreciated!! :-)

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Miss Gulch said...

LOL! WTG Biker Babe.