Thursday, June 12, 2008


The house my dad grew up in is for sale in West Hartford. We drove by the house many times as a kid. I remember him telling stories about the house, and being able to walk to school. He never said it was a particularly large house and with him being an only child, I presume the original house did not come with 6 bedrooms, so clearly folks have amended and added to it along the way.

There is a strange pull for me toward this house. I keep looking at the pictures and I have the strong urge to call Dad and tell him about it. Might be hard to place that call, but I am sure he knows.

What makes me sad is that there are only a small handful of folks who would even care that my dad's house is for sale. We don't have close contact with his relatives, and don't even know if all the cousins are still living. His son would probably find it interesting for a second or two, but I doubt would be somewhat haunted (in a good way) by the idea of living in the house where his father grew up. Scott was raised in California. I was raised 20 minutes from West Hartford.

I want to go back and see the house. I want to walk the halls and listen to see if I can hear my dad as a kid running down the halls or in the back yard. Maybe it is Father's Day coming up that is making me sentimental. At any rate - how cool would it be to live in the house in which your parent spent their childhood?

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