Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Better luck next year

After a lot of discussion, deliberation and debate, Steve and I have decided to take the house OFF the market. We could most certainly sell it if we decided to bottom out our price and basically give the house away, and I am not willing to do that. We are in a fortunate position of only wanting to move, not needing to. So, we will wait.

And while the idea of another summer makes me feel a bit panicky and trapped much like a caged animal, I think I had pretty much already accepted one more summer. One more I can do. 5 more? 10 more? HELL NO, but one more.... I can do this one more summer.

We will spend fall trying to complete the renovations that we can, both with money and time and lack of hard labor notwithstanding. Anyone want to come out and lend a hand? Room and board are free... You will pay in sweat-equity!

Of course, bathrooms and kitchens are where its at... all the HGTV shows you see and the Realtors you talk with agree that your best bet is to update a bathroom and the kitchen. So, I have plans. My plans always seem to out stretch our budget, but hey... if HGTV can make over an entire kitchen for under 2000$, well, there is possibly hope for me as well.

Our plan right now is to tidy up a bit more and then put the house back on the market around January. I still have my dreams of making back to the land of more-moderate-summers-and-to-heck-with-snow climates. I will sign up for ONE more summer... If I find myself in the same position NEXT year, well.... I doubt anyone wants to see THAT!

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