Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dry heat?


We had an unusually cold spring for us. In fact, we usually end school well into the triple digits but this year we were given a reprieve. It was a delightful change to be packing up boxes and moving them and not melting into the pavement. This nice trend lasted through the start of swim season.

Then came to an abrupt halt.

The last few days have been over 110*, and to say it is making life very uncomfortable would be an understatement. It also means that our most reliable way to staying cool (the pool) is even out of reach both because of the strength of the sun as well as the tub-like quality the water has developed. I think the pool temp is running around 98.6 or so.

I belabor this point about the heat each and every year. It never gets any better and complaining certainly changes nothing, and yet somehow it is inevitable that I find myself moaning and complaining. I know it is partly the whole 'living like a mole" thing that goes on - drapes are drawn, shutters closed up, everyone stays inside. Everyone simultaneously begins going stir crazy. My hardest job is keeping the two older boys from killing each other, and letting the littlest one sleep! Summer should be about 3 weeks long. That's about the time it takes for everyone to relax and then begin to grate on the very last good nerve of everyone else in the house. If anyone listened to me, I'd vote for year-round schools. Personally, I think 9-weeks on and 3-weeks off is just about a perfect schedule. Just as soon as we start to get sick of looking at each other, we go back to school! Of course, no one asked me.

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