Friday, July 27, 2007

Its over, and I'm sad...

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tonight. I'm rather proud of myself that I plowed through a nearly 800pg book in less than a week, but now I am left with this very empty feeling. I devoured the book, but now wish I had taken it slower -sort of like the Ice Cream Sundae you'd get as dessert as a kid and practically eat it in one gulp because it was SOOO GOOOD, but then be regretful when it was gone?

What to do with myself now??

I've been looking forward to this book all summer. Put my name in to the local bookstore to reserve a copy. Got it last Saturday, though I refused to wait in line for anything after sneaking out of Miss Porters with Hilary once to stand in line for U2 tickets (we go them, we went, it was worth it, but we were 17, not 38!!)

The story was great - I am satisfied with the ending, how everything wrapped up in the end, but I do feel a bit as though I've said goodbye to a friend. I'm not a huge PotterManiac or anything, but I've enjoyed watching (reading about) this trio of friends grow up, beating the bad guy despite some harrowingly near-misses... and I've enjoyed the fantasy of it all.

I've actually plowed through 9 books so far this summer. Some were great, some were fun, some were like sticking needles in my eye, but I was determined to finish them. This one was like a big, LONG roller coaster ride and now that its over, I am torn between standing in line for another ride, only to fear being disappointed, or just wait it out until the desire really strikes again to crack the binding of another new adventure.

I seriously doubt, however, that the thrill of this 7-series ride will be duplicated any time soon.

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