Friday, July 06, 2007

Mr. 8 turns EIGHT!

Happy Birthday to the boy who made me a Mom!!! 8 years ago today, after a greuling 18 hour labor, 2 epidurals and tons of swear words, you made your way into the world, just a bit after midnight and turned your Dad and I from just husband and wife into parents.

The last 8 years have been wonderful, filled with love and joy and frustrations and worry and angst and delight and pride.... often all at the same time! You paved the way for your brothers, and will most certainly bear the brunt of being "first" for everything. So far, you are blazing the trail marvelously.

I am delighted by what you can do, by who you are becoming and by what I see in your future. You have so much talent that you, thankfully, inhertied from your father (athletic prowess being one) and yet I also see much of myself in you.

Happy Birthday, dear Charles Parker... and many happy returns of the day! I love you more than there are words.

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