Monday, July 02, 2007

Invasion of the body swtichers

We have been witness to a strange and unusual occurrence around here lately. Being one who believes strongly in the whole "family systems" theories, I know that we each have "roles" in the family. All families have them - one's the "perfect child", one is the "black sheep", one may be the "peacemaker" while another is the "screw-up"... you can probably pick out each one in your own family of origin.

Where it becomes odd is when the roles begin to change. For the last 6.5 years, Parker has been the "never stray far from the line" kid, while Matthew is the "marches to his own beat" kind of kid. For years we suspected that Matthew may have a hearing problem - his name would need to be repeated in rapid-fire succession about 8 or 10 times for the sound to penetrate into his brain, and then it took a bit more time for the brain to alert the body that a reaction was required. Forsight is not his strongsuit. Honestly - neither is reacting.... he just moves at his own pace, when the mood strikes him and is generally a very happy if not frustrating kiddo.

Parker has been "analytical boy" since day 1. He follows the rules, imposes stiffer punishments that either Steve or I would dream of, and has been one to do exatly what was asked of him.

That is, until lately.

Something has happened to old Mr. Nearly Eight. He's acting more like "Mr. Nearly 14" or something. He's grouchy, disinterested, has actually been overheard muttering "Yeah... what-ever!".

And even more amazing? Matthew is now becoming Mr. Responsible, Mr. On-Top-of-Things, Mr. Reliable.

Family systems theory in practice!

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