Saturday, July 07, 2007

Into the mouths of babes...

There is a wonderful blog for all you mommies out there - Sparx is the author and she is absolutely hysterical! Wonderful wit, teriffic use of words... and her son "spud" has many similarities to my little bubbah.

Today's antics into all-things-spud begins with his affinity for her coffee, and the occasional can of beer. We have the same strange delights in our house as well. Christopher becomes visably and audibly annoyed if I do not share my things with him... namely coffee, the phone and any alcoholic beverage that happens to be within reach (either his or mine). He tosses back an (empty) longneck with surprising grace for one so young... he also shows a preference for white wine over red, but in a pinch will gleefully sip a Cab right along with us.
(The age-old trick of letting them taste wine because they won't like it?? Yeah, that worked for Parker, but was worthless with Matthew and Chris!)

I've often wondered where they get the idea and then the desire to actually consume these "adult beverages". I've spent quite some time (nearly 6.5 years in fact) believing that is was some rogue gene in my offspring that led them to their atypical toddler tastes. Comforting is the fact that, evidently, this phenomenon is not unique to my children - even 'across the pond" they have issues that raise eyebrows...
Makes me wonder what parlor tricks they will come up with later in life.
*please note: this photo shows Chris with his two favorite things - my phone and my morning coffee!

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