Monday, June 25, 2007

Comfort in numbers

No - not the scale kind of numbers... that beast continues to torment me, showing me nothing other than my ability to maintain my overweightedness quite well. I am still exactly where I was before Thanksgiving.

I mean working with others brings you comfort, motivation, encouragement... The FF gals have started another summer challenge - how physically active you can be over a specific timeframe to increase one's overall health (and hey - if I shed either pounds or seconds off my 5K time, I will be thrilled!)

What is comforting is knowing that if I slack off, my team will suffer. It gives me that little push I need to get my sorry behind out of this desk-chair and to the gym, where it belongs!! For some reason, its just not enough to do it on my own...

The kicker will be if I can continue this pace once school starts again. It is my goal to get at least 20 points per week. (A point is earned through 15 minutes of activity, every mile walked or run, and/or reaching 10K steps in a day. My max so far was 6 points in a day) So far, I have met that goal 2 of the last 3 weeks. I'm on track to make it again this week.

At the end of this challenge, I sure do hope to be celebrating by wearing my happy size!! It's closer than its been in years.... I'm just not quite there yet...

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