Wednesday, May 24, 2006

10 days left

We have 10 days left of school until summer vacation. It feels much like it did back in grade school when I would have to run the 600yd dash (dash being a euphamism) and thinking there was no way I'd make it to the end.

Christopher started crawling on Mother's Day!! He is now Mr. Mobile, with 6 teeth, 2 more working their way in. He sits at the counter in his little port-a-high-chair, and eats Cheerios from a bowl. He likes the strawberry yogurt ones best. They even make him giggle! He is actually crawling behind me as I type this. Guess its time to return to Babies R Us and invest in several baby gates!

My job for next year is still in limbo. I got the .5 at the elementary school. Then a .6 opened for me at the middle school where I currently work. Crazy-crazy lady will be gone along with crumedgeon side-kick, I know the staff, the curriculum and could loop up with my current 5th graders. So - while I am mostly convinced that I actually need a lobotomy, I want to stay where I am. Except that elementary school?? Yeah - they wont' release me. Guess its nice to be wanted.

I got up this morning and "wogged" my neighborhood for 2 miles. Rode 10 on Monday. Found a cool path behind our development that borders the reservation - had NO idea it was there. Think if my bike could talk, she'd thank me... it was like the time we took Maddy to Tahoe and got to see her frolic in the snow - she just knew she was made for that terrain and climate. Well, good ole' Trek knew the trail was made for her. It was a blast! I'll have to try it again this weekend - unfortunately I need to be OUT before 6am or the sun is too intense. Oh - and we've had 3 days below 100 since my last post.

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