Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy Converts!!

We did it!

I went to the gas station to fill the Odyssey on Friday of last week (the 5th) and spent $50 to fill my car. I just about lost my jaw to the pavement - last year it was about $34 to fill my car, we've now gone to a nice dinner out AND the babysitter just in order to drive.

I called Steve. With Dad's old Explorer, I was certain that he was spending a fortune, especially going back and forth to Tucson and Yuma. That was it - I'd reached my limit - it was time to look for a new car.

Something practical, but not too girlie.

Something that can hold all the (pardonnez-moi ici por mon langue terrible) crap-ola he carries around with him.

Something that gets much better mileage than the Explorer (Which, including all freeway driving, was getting around 17MPG)

Well, here she is.... Our newest family member!! Shhh - don't tell the boys - she's a DIESEL... (Remember, in Thomas-land, diesels are naughty little creatures)

We like the color, there's plenty of head room, enough trunk space to hide the bodies of the students I had to kill because they royally pissed me off (ok, not really, but there's a cave in there!) and its "zippy".

Best of all - average miles per DIESEL gallon - about 40!!!


Bren said...

Cool! I spent $50 yesterday, too. Ugh.

mousiehousie said...

Wow! A diesel VW?! Awesome! LOL about the naughty diesels!

I spent $49.40 today, and I'd thought I was getting a bargain since I found a place with $2.99/gallon (unlike all the $3.05+ elsewhere).

Roxanna said...

Yahoo - welcome to the VW family! We bought the Jetta wagon deisel for exactly the same reasoning (fuel...and my DH loves it in general). We can fill it for about $35 but can go about 800 km (500 miles) city driving on a tank. Highway driving a dream.