Sunday, May 28, 2006

New Shoes and Migraines don't mix

I finally decided that it was time to get new shoes. The shin splints were not enough warning - I had to get to the point where I was getting blisters on every toe and my ankles before the light went on and I thought "Gee - maybe its my 4yr old shoes??" Hey - I never said I was Einstein!!

So, I'd heard from many of my Fat-Fighting friends that Asics were fabulous and I started to do my research. I found the pair I wanted, but then balked at the price tag (Just can't justify spending over $120 for a pair of really good running shoes when I'm so far from a very good runner!!) It is sort of like me and wine; I can tell the difference between two-buck-chuck and something nice, but the subtleties of "fine wine", ie, wine that costs more than about $25 is just lost on me. Same for tennies... The finer details go unnoticed, so why on earth would I pay for them?

I went to Famous Footwear, and found these - same company, still gel-technology, just a generation lower than what I'd seen online. Good fit (Size 10 -eek - what those boys have done to my feet!) decent price - home they go!

Oh, holy canole - the difference a pair of shoes can make! My shins don't hurt, I have no blisters, I can actually try to jog with them and not ache (well, until much later!) Its amazing!!!

The only down side - getting overheated in our lovely Arizona weather and having a migraine for the remainder of the day.

Update - it is now about 9:15 at night and my migraine has finally left the premises. I think tomorrow I will take the Excedrin BEFORE I go out, rather than wait and see. An ounce of prevention, afterall...

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Bren said...

Cool shoes! Take it easy in that heat, though.