Sunday, January 01, 2006

Its 2006!! Happy New Year!!!

I have the fortune (mis??) of today being my birthday. Makes it either impossible to forget, or to remember, depending on what one did the night before. I'm 37 today. Inching ever closer to 40. People always ask if you feel older on the day of your birthday. Other than having three rug-rats running around calling me Mommy, I don't feel any older or any different than I did when I was 16. Maybe that's a good thing - Maybe its not! My grandmother used to say that you are only as old as you feel, so there are days when I AM still only 16, and then others when I'm about 87.

I went to go watch the Rose Parade this morning. This is a tradition that started when I was in my infancy, as the Rose Parade always preceeded the Rose Bowl which, according to long standing tradition and my sense of Natural Law, is played today. Except the BCS got into the mix and the game is now on January 4th. Evidently, so is the parade. Pardon my french, but that sucks! Traditions are slowly being erroded and replaced by corporate sponsorship and innane commercialism. PacBell Park?? My big toe - Its Candlestick!! Soon, the Rose Bowl will be the Konica bowl and Fenway will be Nathans Hot Dog Sadium, or something like that... What ever happened to "if it ain't broke, dont' fix it!"?? And, what happens when these big corporate sponsors loose their corporate shirts and go out of business?? Yet another change.

This will be a rough month for fat-fighting - I can see it now... We start with Christmas and the barrage of cookies by the well meaning and extremely talented neighbors we have who bring wagons full of cookies. Then its my birthday, followed a mere 48 hours later by Matthew's birthday, then my mom's, then Matthew's party which we traditionally celebrate at the end of January to give party-goers a bit of a break between XMAS and Bday fun. I'm already up 1.5 lbs. Just maintaining till February 1st will be a good thing...

Presents and other such festivities will happen later today. Further blogging to commence once gifts have been opened!

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Bren said...

I hear you on the Candlestick Park thing. Happy Birthday, Samantha!