Friday, January 06, 2006

Its been a week!

And then some. Let's recap, shall we? (warning, graffic information contained within that may qualify as TMI.. read at your own risk)

Monday - first day back at work after a much-too-short break. Battling a lovely yeast infection that really makes it comfortable to sit around a group of kids. Nobody's brain is functioning yet, including mine.

Tuesday - Its Matthew's birthday. I never have to go to school on my birthday, and in all liklihood Parker won't either, so I have huge pangs of guilt about sending my newly 5-yr old to school on his birthday. Went to Chuck E Cheese for his bday dinner (party to come later) and ate pizza that barked at me all night.

Wednesday - Christopher had been up 2x during the night, so not all bright eyed. Still suffering from the yeast infection. "Treatment" is not working. Parker takes a big tumble off his bike and scratches the begeezus out of his face, leaving a trail of blood all the way down the street. USC looses to Texas.

Thursday - Migraine. Went to work, yelled at a kid, went home at noon. Parker was forced to go to school because Mom had to go to work. He was afraid kids would laugh at him. Luckily, they didn't because I would have had to kill them. Noticing that I'm PMSing big time. Had to sleep migraine off... woke up feeling better, but now getting a cold.

Friday - yelled at same kid again for being an idiot. Yes, I know, I teach special ed, but this goes way beyong a learning disability and is just plain laziness. Pick up kids at after school care to have Parker be all pissy that I got there too early (wth??) Cold coming on full blast and I forgot my Airborne at home today so I feel icky. Parker's face is starting to show signs of normalcy.

Thank God its the weekend... If I had one more day I think I'd run away.


Miss T said...

OMGosh, owie! Hope your weekend revives you all, and that your little guy's face heals quickly!

Bren said...

((HUGS)) Sam. Poor Parker, that looks awful.