Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The visitors, they are a' comin....

We called Steve's parents this weekend to check in. When we first moved to Arizona, they came out from MN to stay with us and escape the cold. Years #1 and #2, they came and stayed for about three months. It was wonderful... but then their health situations prevented them from coming for another two years. Grandparent time is very special.. the boys LOVE going over to my mom's house for special time, and it hurt me that their special time with Steve's folks was not nearly as frequent as it had been.

Well, all the health issues have been addressed (including Greta having both hips replaced and Warren having successful cataract surgery) and they are on their way - leaving MN either today or tomorrow with the expectation of arriving this weekend. They plan to stay through March, and all of us are so excited it is hard to contain!

(for those newer readers, I posted a long time ago how easy it is having his parents here - they make for lovely houseguests and while 3 days is more than many in-laws can take, 3 months flys by!)

Tony & Cindy, Steve's cousins, will be arriving shortly as well. They visit yearly, but for business rather than pleasure - though it is quite pleasurable having time with them. They are horse trainers, so they come down for the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show - big event with probably more than a few thousand horses. They have two kids right around the ages of ours, so the little ones have a blast, as well.

I am heading back to work today after a lovely 3-day weekend, with dread. Its not that I dislike my job. Its not that I dislike the kids, or really any particular part of my job - what I really dislike is being away from my own kids for so long. I start chalking up what we are paying for childcare, realize that it eats practically ALL my measly paycheck, and start getting resentful. I miss seeing Christopher and being there when the older boys come home. I don't like NOT knowing exactly when Chris slept or ate, or what made him laugh on any particular day. I miss sitting down with Parker to do his homework. I am missing so much - and don't feel like it is worth it. As God is my wittness, I will never work full time again!! (Sorry Scarlet!) I just miss too much...

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Bren said...

Have fun with your visitors!

Will you cut back on work next school year?