Thursday, December 29, 2005

Last post for 2005

Unless I get inspired... which is unlikely. Christmas has come and gone. Steve's sister and her family came down from Montana to spend Christmas with us, while my mom went to Texas. Everyone did something different this year, and I believe that was a very good thing. Dad was very much a part of all we did at Christmas, from gifts of years' past still on shelves or in use, to traditions that will need to be tweaked a bit now... fro example, we had a crab dinner last year on Christmas Eve, and the year before that, and the year before that... but there was no one here to clean crabs this year - that sort of thing...

I have absolutely loved being home for the last two weeks. I sent the boys to childcare before Christmas so that I could finish my shopping and final preperations for the Mandeville's visit, but once they arrived on the 22nd, the kids and I have been home and its been really wonderful. We had the warmest Christmas in nearly 80 + years and the boys have been taking advantage of it by playing outside a ton!

In that vein, I am really not looking forward to going back to work on Monday. Christopher is at such a wonderful age - he's loving and snuggly and is interacting with his world every which way he turns around! He giggles and laughs and coos... its really amazing!

Santa treated the boys well, but didn't spoil them rotten... they got a few things they'd asked for and I know there were a few disappointments. Parker got a new bike as his "big" present and he's thrilled. This one has both pedal-brakes and a hand brake to get him used to it. His last bike he outgrew in about a year or so, even though we've been riding it for two years, he really looked rediculous because it was way too small. Now we want to see if Matthew wants to ride it. If he does, then he, too, will get a new bike for his birthday because P's old one is way too small for Matthew as well (FYI, for those who measure these things, both boys will be riding 20" bikes!)

The fat fighting front has been going pretty well lately. Having the stomach flu actually started a good eating pattern for me and while I am quite thankful to NOT have to go through that again any time soon *or at all, ever!* it did have an upside. Now, I don't eat till I'm full, but more until I am not hungry anymore. And, if I'm not hungry, I don't eat. Sounds pretty simple and it is. Nothing is off limits, and I think that makes it easier! I read an article about "intuitive eating" and what I am doing is kind of like that; I'm listening to my body more. So far, since the weekend after Thanksgiving, I am down 10.5 lbs. I can live with that!

Now is the time everyone begins to think about what they would like to accomplish next year. I'm no different!

1) Get back to my "happy weight"
2) Drive my Arbonne company car (A white Mercedes) by June (You've gotta click on that like to see it - and imagine it in white...)
3) Grow both my Arbonne business and my photography business.
4) Go to Italy with my husband
5) Play. A lot. I don't think I've been good at this lately. Want to get better!

I am not sad to see 2005 go. Its been a rocky year, punctuated with the best day and the saddest day within two weeks of oneanother. 2006 will be better... will be wonderful! I am excited at what the future holds.....

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