Thursday, June 16, 2005

Update on matricidal mania..

Ok - he gets to live through this one. An angel by the name of Eddie came by my house at the urging of my dear parents - and evidently the filters were clean enough and the problem was NOT directly related to poor household maintenance on my husband's part. Evidently a $2.73 fuse went out. Mind you, this is a fuse that the system does not even USE in the summer, but yet when the fuse goes out, so does the whole kit and kaboodle.

Sort of reminds me of the Murphy law that states your $1000 new television will vehemently protect the $2.00 fuse by blowing first.

There is once again air flowing nice and freely through my upstairs. It might take the better part of 8 or 10 hours to combat the heat that has accumulated, but I know the system will still run, and my dear husband can go right on living!!


Miss Gulch said...

Oh, what a relief! Our a/c was felled by a $45 part.

susan0326 said...

I'm so glad you got your A/C fixed. 106 is hot, dry or not!