Thursday, June 16, 2005

Its Hot... Its Africa Hot!

Steve's away today and tomorrow selling down in Tucson. The mercury today is going to hit something like 106*. I can hear you all saying - yeah, but its a dry heat, right? Well, yeah - relative humidity is about 12%, so I'd agree its try. But is also pretty damn hot. We are getting to the time of year I just hate - where you can't even go outside at night and hope for relief because it is still 94* at 11pm!!!

Add to that misery, I think the compressor that runs our upstairs AC unit is not working. I've cranked the thing down to 72, and there is not one ounce of cool air coming through the vents! The thermostat is currently reading 81* upstairs in the hallway - our room is comperable to that, but the boy's room, babies room and the guest room are all OVENS. We are still about 3 hours away from the heat of the day.

I wonder where Steve stored the Air Bed mattress. .. Maybe the boys and I should just plan on bunking downstairs. Maybe I should just plan to ship myself to the Arctic for the remainder of my pregnancy...

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