Saturday, June 18, 2005

Is that an artic blast I feel??

AHhhhh, the joys of a properly functioning air conditioning unit cannot be underestimated, especially when you are late into a third trimester and summer is here in full force! Eddie, my angel, came back again last night (to the tune of "Just take the money and don't tell me about it!") and admitted that he probably should have looked further into why our system was not functioning properly. But heck, the thing kicked in quite well after replacing the fuse, so I sure can't blame him.

Wanna know what he found when he went looking?? Mind you, Eddie is not the first set of eyes on this system. The house is 17 years old. One can assume that it has been inspected quite a few times, at least 2ce since we've been here. AND NO ONE SAW THIS PROBLEM... So Eddie goes up into the "attic" to check again on the filters. We take them out, clean them, and as we are hosing them down, he comes down stairs laughing.

Evidently, there is an access panel that has been missing SINCE DAY ONE!! He said its most likely never been there! This access panel acts much like a door on a flying airplane. Remove the door while in flight and it unleashes a whole lotta hell. Things get sucked out to places they were never meant to go. Well, this is what has been going on with my poor AC since I was a High School Grad!! Evidently this means the unit has been going on, freezing up, defrosting, trying to start again, and repeating the cycle. No wonder we never can keep it cool upstairs!

Eddie, bless him, replaced the access panel, added some freon, and said that he sure hopes he does not have to see me again any time soon. Me too Eddie.... Me Too!!

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Bren said...

Yay! So glad it's fixed.